Developer nearshoring in EU, Budapest

We aim to assist fast- growing tech companies in scaling up efficiently with our expertise

Factors to consider when outsourcing


The more we understand your company culture, coding standards, the better we are at finding developers who fit your team. Having probation period for each developer without any commitments puts you on the safe side to work with us.

Cultural fit

Feeling at ease with each other and being on the same wavelength is crucial for sound cooperation, a similar business culture and communication style is essential. We are friendly, open-minded bunch of people. We speak several foreign languages, many of us have lived and worked years abroad too.


We know how important predictability is for any business. Our 24/7 web-based monitoring system enables you to follow the progress made and the tasks completed with the related costs in real-time, any time. 100% transparency is the key for us.

Our certificates & insurances

Modolit has received Bisnode's AA (double A) certificate, which indicates that the financial risk of establishing business relations with our company is very low.

We have met the regulations and requirements for the ISO9001 standards, we're happy to announce that we've received the certificate in 2022. HAving put our standards on top, we make sure our services are most professional.

Having professional liability insurance for 50.000 EUR, we make sure our services are covered and safe.

Probation period?Yes. There’s no commitment during probation period. You don t need to worry about who you get on board, you'll have time to find out whether you make a good fit or not.Would you give it a try?
We are Modolit.We are a cohesive team of passionate software engineers, developers, and idealist geeks. Our office is located in the heart of Budapest.
We believe in open communication, and that work can be joyful when you spend your days in a supportive atmosphere working on intellectually stimulating projects. When it comes to our clients we aim to find people with similar mindsets and a direct communication style. For us, this is the foundation for a long-term
Daniel SzohatzkyFounder & Managing director
Laszlo CzellahoDeputy Managing director
Antonia MatyasHR Manager
Krisztina PopovicsOffice Manager
Tech StackOur most used technologies
Having professional experience on the market makes us able to hire in any tech sector


  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel)
  • Python (FastAPI, Django)
  • NodeJS
  • Java


  • React
  • Angular
  • VueJS
  • Vanilla


  • Swift
  • Java
  • ReactNative
Why Nearshoring?Nearshoring in EU, BudapestBeing in the CET timezone makes communication flawless, no gaps to cross, but we’re happy to travel occasionally too.Cultural fit and no language berriers.
It’s very important to mention that we’re not an agency working with contractors. All our developers are in-house and are employees of Modolit, making a strong professional team. Our fluctuation is very low, due to our strong and cohesive group of people. Have I mentioned probation period?
Our open positionsWork with us!
Sales Representatives
Daniel Szohatzky

Daniel Szohatzky

Founder & Managing director


Jörg Kappmeyer

Jörg Kappmeyer

Sales Representative


Vencel Csergo

Vencel Csergo

Sales Representative

United Kingdom

The Locations
Let's build something awesome together!
You're only one step away from getting in touch with us. Let's give it a chance to see if we can work well together. Use the form below or drop us a line at info@modolit.comOr call us at +36308172955





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